Gaming Headsets

Gaming Headsets

Gaming headsets are essential equipment for video game enthusiasts. A quality gaming headset allows in particular a maddening immersion in the world of the game. This is why its choice is not made with any negligence. To successfully choose your gaming headset, you must proceed in stages. Let's discover together in this article, the things to look afer when buying the gaming headset you need.

What is a gaming headset?

A gaming headset is an audio headset made especially for video game use. It allows both sound immersion in the game and communication with other players online.

As the games can last several hours, the emphasis is therefore on comfort, but also on the sound quality of the product.

This type of headset can be wired or wireless and it can be used for purposes other than gaming, even if this is its primary function.

How does a gaming headset work?

A gaming headset is very easy to operate. If it is a wired model, simply plug its connectors (audio output, microphone, and USB connector) into the outputs of the computer tower. If it's a wireless headset, turn it on, connect your computer's Bluetooth mode, and search for devices.

When you find your headset, plug it in and then you can use it. As for the audio operation of the headphones, it is the same as for all other types of headphones, it is an electric current that transmits and reproduces an audio message directly to the ear.

Depending on the quality of the headphones, this sound can be stereo, virtual surround, or, at best, dimensional.

Advantages & areas of application

The best advantage of gaming headsets is that they allow ever more realistic hearing immersion in video games. They are particularly widely used by FPS (First-person shooter) fans that play in a network.

Indeed, in this type of game, the quality of the material used and its intuitive aspect are essential to determine which player will be the best. But gaming headsets can also be used for other types of entertainment, such as massively multiplayer games (MMORPGs) where participants use their microphones to communicate with each other.

What types of gaming headsets are there?

The best brands of gaming headsets offer different types of headphones, among which we find:

  • The wired gaming headset: As its name suggests, the wired gaming headset works with a Among its advantages, we note a better comfort due to its less weight and, of course, no problem of autonomy or network.
  • The wireless gaming headset: Operating thanks to a Bluetooth system, this type of headset offers much better It can therefore be particularly interesting for players who are nervous or who want to keep in touch with their team while going to get a drink from the fridge

  • Gaming headset with closed earphones: Praised by many players, this headset allows you to be in total immersion, isolated from the On the other hand, during long sessions (especially in summer), your ears and your head may heat up.
  • Gaming headphones with open earphones: This type of headset makes the sound more natural, although its bass is much Its comfort may also be a little less, but it does not cover your ears, allowing them to breathe a little.

Make sure your headphone is very comfortable

When you are a true lover of video games, you can spend hours or even a whole day in front of the screen. To really have fun during long gaming sessions, the gaming headset should not only be functional but also comfortable. Several elements must be analyzed to appreciate the comfort of a gaming headset. These elements are as follows:

  • The headband of the helmet;

  • Manufacturing materials;

  • The weight;

  • The type of

The headband of the helmet

The headband is one of the most important elements that influence the comfort that a headphone offers. Indeed, the weight of the headphone is felt by the arch. For better comfort during sessions, the hoop must be not only solid but also adjustable.

So you can wield it as you wish. This will prevent the headphones from causing discomfort to the upper part of the head or to the ears. With a headset with the right headband, you won't experience any unpleasant sensations no matter how long you play.

The materials used

The materials referred to here are those used to cover the earpiece. Indeed, manufacturers use different materials, including leather and fabric. These two materials have the advantage of being very comfortable to the touch. With a very long lifespan, leather is also very popular because it is a very good insulator.

If you, therefore, opt for a headset with an earpiece covered with leather material, you are protected from the sensations of heat. The fabric offers better ventilation. It is important to note that memory foam is also used to cover the headphones. Memory foam is a very interesting material. It optimizes comfort at the level of the ears since it allows the earpiece to fit your head. In this way, the felt comfort is even better.

The type of earpiece

Two types of earphone models can be fitted to gaming headsets. These are:

  • Open Headphones;
  • Closed

The choice of one of these models depends on the acoustic preferences of the gamer. Open models are perfect for playing in the summer. It is possible to change the acoustics of these earphone models according to individual needs. Note that open models allow the player to experience the sensations of the game well while being connected to those around him.

Indeed, the headphones with an open design allow you to hear the sounds of the surroundings. This can be an advantage as well as a defect. If you live alone, it will be safer to equip yourself with this type of headset. This can be very important for your safety, for example. These models also allow people nearby to hear the sounds of the game you are playing. It may not be very cheerful, as the noise from games can be very disturbing.

For total immersion in the game, opt for closed headphones. With these models of headphones, you are truly disconnected from the outside world. They allow maximum concentration and do not disturb others. When playing very intense games, these types of headphones can heat up and be a source of discomfort. You should also avoid using them on very hot days.

The weight of the helmet

A headphone that is too heavy obviously cannot offer good user comfort. This is why you have to take into account the weight of your gaming headset before buying it. Lightweight headphones are mostly made with aluminum components and/or plastic.

However, you have to be careful when buying so as not to sacrifice lightness for bulk. Indeed, the plastic headphone can be very bulky. The lighter, more space-saving models are available at higher prices. However, it is better to invest in such a model rather than having a headphone that you cannot use at will.

Sound quality

High-quality sound is a "must" when it comes to choosing a good gaming headset.

Being able to enjoy interactivity with the sound environment of a game is absolutely essential to perform well. Reacting faster with audio feedback is a real plus, footsteps, gunshots and other effects give you the competitive edge you need to win.

Wired or wireless?

Wired headphones are most open connected via a jack (6.35mm) or mini-jack (3.5mm). Some models dedicated to video games are also connected via USB. The wired connection ensures fidelity and high sound quality.

On the wireless connection side, the most common solution is Bluetooth. Universal, this protocol allows you to pair your headset with most smartphones, tablets, and even PCs via a Bluetooth USB key. More practical than carrying a cable, Bluetooth headsets still have the disadvantage of offering poorer audio quality. Note that there are also headphones with a WIFI connection to maximize sound quality.

We reassure you with a wireless headset, there is no question of having latency, that is to say, a delay between the sound and the image, which could ruin your game. (Idem, of our days this lag phenomenon no longer exists for wireless gaming mice or wireless gaming keyboards)

Based on your gaming platform

There are many platforms on which video game enthusiasts play their various games. The best known of these platforms are PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC. Not all gaming headsets are compatible on all gaming platforms. For this, it is imperative to ensure that the headset is compatible with the platform you are using. Note, however, that there are some multi-platform gaming headsets.

Headsets with the 3.5mm mini-jack connection, for example, are compatible with the PC and almost all consoles. In fact, these types of platforms are suitable for those who play on multiple platforms. If, on the contrary, you like a particular platform, you must choose a gaming headset suitable for that platform.

This is how you can get the most out of a better gaming experience. If you are new to gaming, you must first find out about the gaming platforms. And watching comparing video game headsets is a must when it comes to finding the best gaming headset for your gaming platform.