Mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboard

A keyboard is an input device that allows you to place commands and type on a computer. There are different types of keyboards. Those familiar with computers will tell you that the keyboard, depending on what you are doing with your computer, should be faster or slower. The type of keyboard that we present to you in this post is the mechanical keyboard.

What is a mechanical keyboard?

From a physical point of view, a mechanical keyboard is in every way similar to a regular keyboard. The difference is on the part that you cannot see, that is to say below the keys.

Unlike the rubber dome of conventional keyboards, the mechanical keyboard has a switch called a switch under each of the keys. Apart from this specificity, there is no obvious way to differentiate a classic keyboard from a mechanical model.

Mechanical keyboards are much more suited for gaming than for typing text.

What is the difference between mechanical and membrane keyboards?

The mechanical keyboard is much faster than the membrane keyboard. Indeed, thanks to the switch the key does not present any resistance when it is pressed. It is therefore more pleasant to write commands.

The membrane keyboard is the most classic. This technology offers the advantage of having a much quieter typing than on a mechanical keyboard while providing a certain seal. If you are the type to be clumsy with your drink of course! The major drawback of this type of keyboard is the slowness of key feedback, which is not necessarily ideal for playing, especially on games requiring great responsiveness! Despite everything, its excellent quality/price ratio offers a quite acceptable entry point for most players.

We also notice that the stroke of the keys of a mechanical keyboard is longer. As a result, handling is much easier. The stroke is the depth to which the button sinks. Finally, one of the very important advantages of the mechanical keyboard is that it is very resistant. The case is designed for professional or amateur players takes into account the number of possible strikes per game.

While a membrane keyboard lasts an average of 5 million keystrokes, the mechanical keyboard lasts a minimum of 50 million keystrokes. The difference is huge. We, therefore, realize that a mechanical keyboard is 10 times more resistant than conventional keyboards.

How to choose your mechanical keyboard?

To choose the right mechanical keyboard, certain criteria must be taken into account. The first and most important is the type of switch that makes it up. There are different switches. The difference essentially relates to the pressure that the finger must exert on each key and on the depth to which each one sinks. The choice should be made based on what makes the user more comfortable.

In the category of switches, we find linear and tactile. The former have springs that exert resistance so that the command is not felt. In the clicky switches, the command is felt. Their stroke is longer and their resistance occurs halfway.

Where to buy a mechanical keyboard?

To buy a mechanical keyboard, it's very simple. You can go to a store selling electronic devices or a store that specializes in the sale of play equipment.

To make it even simpler, you can buy your mechanical keyboard online. You will find it in almost all the best-known online stores. The price of a mechanical keyboard varies on average between 120 and 200 dollars.

Different types of keyboards

1. THE WIRELESS KEYBOARD- Whether it works with Bluetooth, with batteries, by Wi-Fi, or recharges thanks to the blue light of your screen, a wireless keyboard is ideal for people who use their computer little and/or who need to carry their computer equipment. Also, they can be installed further from your screen which allows you to have a better posture on a daily basis.

2. THE 60% KEYBOARD- A 60% keyboard is so named because compared to a standard keyboard; it literally has 60% of the keys. So, while a normal keyboard typically has between 102 and 105 keys, a 60% keyboard typically doesn't have 61 keys. As you can see, on a 60% keyboard, a lot of the keys are removed: in addition to the numeric keypad on the right, the directional cursors, the text shiY keys above, and even the keyboard keys as well as Function keys (F1-F12). Therefore, as you can imagine, having fewer keys means the user has less functionality.

3. The Hot-swap keyboards- A hot-swappable keyboard allows you to add and remove switches without having to unsolder them, which can save you a ton of time and money on soldering equipment. It is perfect for those who want quick assembly upon receipt of parts or for those not interested in learning to weld. Hot-swappable PCBs are more and more common these days as people are starting to realize how convenient they are.

4. The RGB Keyboards- The RGB lighting is implemented by zones (three to six lighting zones, depending on the keypad) or by key. On the keyboard, the keys are grouped by color. Each color represents a lighting area. You can customize these keyboards to use any color in the RGB spectrum, but you can't do it for every key, but for every zone. If you want the best and most customizable RGB lighting, choose keyboards where each key has independent lighting, which will increase your costs.

5. The QWERTY Keyboards- It is the type of American keyboard. In each country, the arrangement of the letters is different according to the needs. In America, the first 6 letters of the keyboard are QWERTY hence its name. You will even see differences between the American keyboard, the French keyboard, and the Swiss keyboard for example. Be careful to buy a keyboard suitable for your country.

6. A Tablet keyboard- A keyboard is an input device that lets you enter characters to communicate instructions to the tablet. This accessory is connected to the device via Bluetooth technology. Its functions are similar to those of a conventional integrated keyboard.The keyboard is operated via alphanumeric keys and keys with special characters. You can easily write or edit texts on the tablet with this accessory. The keyboard is small but it has several features. Its lightness allows you to take it everywhere. The country and the language used to determine the layout of the keys.

7. A Full-Size Keyboard- A full-size keyboard and a compact variant differ not only in size but also in the position of a number of components. The numeric part is omitted on a compact keyboard and placed on other keys. Arrows are also found elsewhere on compact keyboards. In addition, the edit keys (delete, insert, etc.) are also assigned to another key. On the other hand a Full-size keyboard has extra features such as multi-media functions and numeric pad, a full-size gaming keyboard is ideal for MOBAs and RTS games. These are games which usually have an incredible amount of functions that would benefit from being mapped to the number keys.

8. A TKL Keyboard- The TKL keyboards (for Ten Key Less) have a more compact design than traditional mechanical keyboards in skipping over the keypad. They are more and more appreciated by players, especially in competitive games where you benefit from a larger sliding surface for the movements of your gaming mouse. By skipping the numeric keypad, TKL keyboards are much more compact than traditional models. These reduced dimensions make it possible to gain more space for the movements of the mouse, which is particularly interesting when playing with low sensitivity. With their more compact size, TKL models are also easier to transport, especially since they oYen come with a removable cable. Rather practical if you oYen travel in LAN for example.

9. The Ergonomic Keyboard- First of all, it is important to understand what differentiates the ergonomic keyboard from a more traditional keyboard. It is quite simply a keyboard that respects the natural position of the wrists: it becomes unnecessary to place your hands in the axis of the keyboard. With an ergonomic model, professionals can adjust the inclination of the keyboard to respect the natural position of their wrists when writing an email or a working document. The first time you use an ergonomic keyboard, you will be surprised. Maybe you won't even find it very practical. But in reality, it's more of a bad habit that is important to break. AYer a few days, you will be used to your brand new keyboard and the pain in your arms will be a bad memory.

10. A Bluetooth Keyboard- Like the traditional keyboard, the Bluetooth keyboard has the same shape and appearance. It is therefore composed of several keys, which you can use wirelessly without cord restriction. Indeed, the Bluetooth keyboard has the same functionality as the traditional keyboard. It is therefore used for typing, in order to help you carry out your various daily activities; whether at home or in the office, this accessory will be perfectly useful to help you use your computer or peripherals as it should.

11. Different color keyboards- The keyboard is the central element of a gamer setup! It can be discreet, sober, and almost invisible, or on the contrary, it can shine with a thousand lights with colors and personalized effects to enhance a setup! The choice of the keyboard will be made on several points, but the most important thing for the players is undoubtedly the colors of the keyboard. Now, the keyboards come with different types of colors such as black, red, pink, white, etc.