Mouse Pads

Mouse Pads

A mouse without a mouse pad is a bit like a laptop without a keyboard: an object that is difficult to use. If a cardboard sheet can do the trick at first, the mouse pad quickly becomes essential. There are several kinds, made from different materials depending on the type of mouse.


What is a mouse pad?

The mouse pad allows the mouse to operate efficiently. Because there are many types of mice, mats must be tailored to their specifics. Although the mechanical mouse (with a ball) is tending to disappear, some prefer it to optical or laser mice.

For the mouse ball, the mouse pad must be flexible, while for optical models or laser, it is preferable that it be smooth and properly reflects the light flux from the mouse.

We are seeing more and more aluminum-based mouse pads: is it just for the design? Of all sizes and customizable, mouse pads are certainly on the rise.

How does a mouse pad work?

The mouse pad allows you to manipulate a mouse with ease by allowing the pointer to move smoothly, without pulling. In the case of a game, the mouse must be responsive and not create a lag between action and reaction.

The mouse pad must be adapted to the morphology of the mouse and that of the player. A ball mouse should be used with a soft mat, which rotates the ball in the direction given by the user.

The optical mouse requires a matte mouse pad: a shiny surface would prevent it from being precise and cause loss of contact.

The laser mouse requires a smooth coating, which can be glossy. Some games require a very responsive mouse, but some gamers can't stand playing with a wired mouse.

Advantages and areas of application

Whether in the office or at home, the mouse pad is essential. For ball mice, the reviews prove that a smooth surface is not suitable. Optical mice struggle on the varnish of a desk, and laser mice used for gaming are not accurate if not used on a mouse pad. Depending on the model, a mouse pad is more or less bulky.

Mouse pads still serve several important functions. For starters, it helps keep your desk from any scratches and grooves associated with using your optical or laser mouse. Repeated movements of the rubber or plastic feet of your mouse against the surface of your desk will cause wear and tear on most woods, chipboard, leather, and even polished hardwood if not maintained. Mouse pads protect the finish of your desk, preventing it from wearing out on your regular mouse point. It is much cheaper to replace a mouse pad than it is to replace your deck surface.

Even if you prefer the aesthetics of your workplace without the bulk, you can still consider using a mouse pad if you use your desktop for frequent gaming. If you are a gaming addict and want to preserve the functionality of your device, consider choosing the best mouse pad that will suit your use. This mat model is oversized most of the time, so you can perform big moves and consistent calls as you play. It comes in different colors and models, which will allow you to bring a personal touch to your office.

What types of mouse pads are there?

Mouse pads are not always offered when purchasing a mouse, as the material used in its manufacture is not the only criterion to consider. The ergonomics of the mat, its shape or size are very important to the user.

1. The simple carpet mouse pad This is the most economical model: thin and plain, it measures approximately 10 x 7 Inches and 3mm thick. Its sole is non-slip and the upper is polyester fabric. It is compatible with the ball and optical mice.


  • The correct size for office use
  • Economic


  • Dirty surface
  • Difficult to clean

2. The optical mouse pad All coatings are permitted, provided they are not shiny. It is found in all shapes, sizes, thicknesses, or colors and some are even customizable.


  • A huge range of choices


  • Dirty surface
  • Difficult to clean

3. The laser mouse pad It can be glossy or mat. Mouse pads made of aluminum are trendy, but not necessarily effective: if the aluminum is not covered with a shine-blocking film, the connection to the mouse may be lost.


  • Design trend


  • Too much shine prevents connection with the mouse.

4. XXL Mouse Pads By considering both design and practical use, it is the trendy mouse pad in 2021. Some players choose it with bright colors and others with patterns.

Measuring at least 35 x 15 Inches, it sits under the keyboard, mouse, or screen.


  • Suitable for all mice depending on thickness of mouse pad


  • A bit long to clean depending on the coating

5. RGB Mouse Pads Enjoy ideal gaming conditions and style your desk with this RGB mouse pad with edge lighting. Designed for video game enthusiasts, it has an optimized coating for mouse glide that will allow you to benefit from incomparable precision. Equipped with a non-slip rubber base, it will meet the expectations of the most demanding gamers.



  • RGB makes it more stylish
  • It's comfortable for gamers


  • It is expensive than other mouse pads

6. The ergonomic wrist rest mat As its name suggests, it is designed to relieve the wrist when using the mouse a lot. This mouse pad is generally oval, to provide ease on the sides depending on the size of the mouse. While some mouse pads are strong, others can be very fragile.




  • Prevents tendonitis of the wrist


  • Some people do not support the wrist rest and prefer to be free to browse the entire mouse pad

Selection criteria

What size for your mouse pad?

Everyone has their own game constraints, in terms of space and organization. Some gamers have nice desks that seem huge while others have to just rest their mouse on a cluttered living room table nook.

So there are different sizes of mouse pads.
  • Small - (About 250 x 210 mm) 9.8 x 8.2 Inches
  • Medium - (300 x 240 mm to 350 x 280 mm) 11.8 x 9.4 Inches to 13.7 x 11 Inches
  • Large - (450 x 400 mm) 17.7 x 15.7 Inches
  • Extra Large - (900 x 420 mm) 35.4 x 16.5 Inches

The type of mouse pads: Control / Speed

Depending on the surface, your gaming mouse will glide more or less quickly, giving you more control for rough surfaces or more speed if the surface is smooth. The coating also influences the accuracy of the sensor.

  • Speed-type mouse pads are incredibly so9 and flat, and the mouse seems to glide quickly across the mat without any Speed-type mats are suitable for players who need to hit targets faster and more efficiently.
  • Control-type mouse pads have irregular surfaces that create a feeling of struggle to your mouse This is important because the resistance of the surface texture compensates for the power you exert to move your gaming mouse, ensuring you small, precise movements. Control type mats are designed for players who need extreme accuracy to hit their goal.

Design / Shape / Material

Thin Mat: Thin mats offer the benefit of continuous gliding even if your mouse is moving off the mat. They also reduce wrist fatigue as there is little difference in height between the mat and the desk.
Fixation: Has a non-slip rubber base allowing the mat to be fixed to a single point.
Material: It gives you a feeling of comfort at hand. The textured top layer of the mats is meticulously designed to provide a cushioning effect for better ergonomics, like the sole of a good quality athletic shoe.

What should be tested when purchasing a mouse pad?

According to the reviews, before buying a mouse pad, you have to think about its use. A mouse pad for gamers requires more sliding than a pad for office use or for surfing the Net.

Considering the usage of mouse pads, they must be more or less resistant. It should not fray around the edges and lose the gel if it is a wrist rest mouse pad.

The size and shape of the mat are personal choices, even for big players. If you buy a branded mouse pad, be careful not to acquire a simple copy: order it from an authorized dealer.

In the rest of this comparison, we present the best criteria taken into account during tests and user trials.

  1. The quality of the whole and the finishes - If the visual is important, it is also necessary to dwell on the finishes. The seams or welds must not fray or open. The mat should be large enough to accommodate the mouse travel. The friction of the mouse or the hand on the mat should be pleasant.
  2. The comfort of the wrist rest - The wrist rest should be at the correct height, flexible and comfortable. The gel which constitutes it must not crush or escape.
  3. Mouse reaction speed - The connection with the mouse should not be lost and its tracking should be smooth. For gamers, the reaction speed has to be extremely fast. 
  4. Ease of maintenance - The mouse pad attracts dust very quickly. It is, therefore, necessary to clean it regularly, and this operation must be easy. In the comparisons, the ease of washing is tested with different methods: a damp so cloth, a self-adhesive brush, a sponge, or washing with plenty of water.