Gaming Genre

Gaming Genre

Computer games emerge in the middle of the last century. They weren't as addictive as modern games. There were very few of them and they differed significantly from one another. Later, in the 80s and 90s, more diverse games began to appear, which rapidly gained popularity among gamers. During this period, the concept of the gaming genre arose for a more convenient
classification among users and developers.
After the release of a popular game, a lot of analogs arose, in which the developers made their own additions, but they used the same game mechanics. As a result of this evolution, whole categories of similar games arose around popular projects, which later formed multiple gaming genres.

What is the genre of video games?

A game genre is a collection of games united by common characteristics of the game process (gameplay). Usually, the main criterion in its description is the action that the player performs, as opposed to a genre, for example, a literary work. Game genres, oddly enough, cannot be categorized very clearly, because the same game can easily belong to different genres. Nevertheless, such a classification is very useful, since usually players prefer a certain type of game and, with the announcement of a specific genre from the developer, they can easily determine whether the game will be interesting to them or not.

There are an incredible number of different games and just as many genres. As with literature, it is much more fun to consume a game when it suits your tastes. For a beginner, finding your way through this real jungle can be complicated, luckily we will help you see more clearly with this game choosing guide.

We can list the main genre of video games:

  1. RPG games (role-playing game)
  2. RTS games (real-time strategy games)
  3. FPS games (first-person shooter games)
  4. Sandbox games
  5. PlaDorm games
  6. MOBA games (multiplayer online baKle arena)
  7. Action-adventure games
  8. PVP games (player vs player)

RPG games (role-playing game)

The players are as chosen ones. In a world that is oEen shaped by the middle Ages and afflicted by all kinds of adversity, they take on the hero role within a most epic story.

They can reach different classes and master disciplines such as sword fighting, camouflage, or magic. For the fulfillment of the quests (tasks) a grouping of game characters (party) is set up, who is led into battles by the players? Dialogues are conducted with computer-controlled characters (NPCs) in order to obtain information about the quests.

The sub-genres include: turn-based role-playing game, action-oriented role-playing game

Due to the variety of tasks, story and graphic implementation within the range of games, games of all approval levels can be found here.

RTS games (real-time strategy games)

Victory or defeat - the players here are at a strategic management level, they plan ahead and use their various resources or units in a targeted manner. You control what is happening mostly from an isometric perspective (with a view from above at an angle to the playing area).

Strategy games are usually either real-time or turn-based. With the real-time strategy, it is important to keep an eye on everything at all times and to react directly to events. The world is constantly evolving. In turn-based strategy games, the players decide (like in a board game) round by round which actions they can take within their possibilities. Then it is the other side's turn again - it goes back and forth until the victory conditions are met.

In turn-based games, this is usually much more theoretical and tactical than with real-time strategy, where things can get very action-packed and hectic later in the game. Turn-based strategy is no less exciting,

The strategy games include the sub-genres of building strategy and military strategy.

Shooter games

The focus of the game concept is on experiencing a permanent threat, protecting one's own figure, eliminating the attacking opposing game figures.

In shooter games, missions have to be completed and the players guide their character through open terrain, catacombs, and warehouses in order to defeat hostile units and get to the goal of the mission. Most oEen linear game path leads to the exits of the game sections that have to be successfully reached and partially defended.

Shooters can be divided into the sub-genres of first-person shooters, third-person shooters, tactical shooters, and online shooters.

FPS games (First-person shooter games)

These are the shooting games with a first-person view (First Person Shooter). First democratized on PC, FPS is now essential for home consoles. For the sake of realism, they tend to make the most of the graphics capabilities of console processors and PCs.

Since the very famous Counter-Strike (CS for close friends), it is a genre that has become massively generalized and which takes place as much in futuristic, historical, or even contemporary universes. It's a thrill-seeking genre that can, on occasion, feature shocking content. It is therefore rather reserved for more mature players.

RPG games (role-playing game)

The Role-Playing Game is obviously inspired by the famous Dungeons and Dragons

franchise. Nevertheless, it is the large Japanese video game firms (Square Enix, for example, to which we owe the authorship of the Final Fantasy series) that have established themselves as a reference in this environment.

These are games in which the player must play as a hero whose destiny is oEen to save the world in which he lives. An RPG oEen features a universe filled with magic or technology (or both), an evolution of the main character (in power and playstyle), and most importantly, a sought-aEer story spanning several hours of play.

Sandbox games

The players lead an ambitious company or manage a complex system. Competition, finances, personnel, or technical developments are constantly emerging topics. In contrast to the genres of civil simulation and the development strategy, this is ultimately about monetary-economic aspects. So-called idle games can be counted as a sub-genre of management games.

Games of this genre are generally harmless from the point of view of the protection of minors and are released without age restriction. However, due to the complexity, the youngest children are not the target group.

Platform games

This genre arose from the tradition of action. It's all about points and the high score (the highest number of points). Dexterity and responsiveness are used for a quick, uncomplicated game start, simple control, and a clear game task.

Surely the most famous family of games: you only have to think of Mario and Sonic to get an idea of the kind of game we are talking about. They are generally very colorful adventures alternating phases of combat (against a nasty boss) and phases of progressions (running, jumping, climbing, exploring a map, etc.).

It is one of the most evolved types of game and always remains at the forefront of inventiveness. It must be said that Mario and Sonic had to accept other heroes in their territories! From Crash Bandicoot (on Playstation 1), the platform game remains the champion of home consoles and portable consoles for its fun and playful aspects. It is therefore ideal for a young audience.

Platform games are extremely varied, but they all have one idea in common: easy to learn, difficult to master. In the platform genre, we distinguish between the following sub- genres: Racer, Brawler, Shoot 'em Up, Music Games, and Skill.

MOBA games (multiplayer online battle arena)

Multiplayer Online battle arena (MOBA) - this genre name hides up to millions of players playing together.

All are organized in the role of their so-called avatars and usually groups (guilds). The structure of the game is comparable to the action-oriented role-playing game, except that instead of computer-controlled figures, you also have real human players and fight opposing forces together. There are many action-packed situations, but collecting items and communicating with the guild for the benefit of the group shape the course of the game.

Action-adventure games

A genre of its own that differs significantly from the classic adventure game due to its combative elements. It's all about action - and adventure.

Little by little, an adventurous task opens up against a rather fantastic background. Here the players control their characters in an action-oriented manner, but also with their heads through tense scenes such as the jungle, catacombs, and dungeons. In addition to fights or exchanges of fire, statues have to be moved, again and again, secret passages have to be found or puzzles integrated into the story have to be solved.

PVP games (player vs player)

Many players are exposed in a closed area full of weapons and ammunition, in the end, only one can win: This is how the principle of the battle royale shooter can be summarized in a nutshell.

In fact, most of the genre representatives run according to this formula. There are main differences with regard to the setting, the characters that can be selected, and the weapons and items available. As a rule, not all players are really leE to their own devices, oEen you belong to a larger faction or a smaller team. In this respect, battle royale shooters are a variant of the classic online shooter.

Where can you find these types of games?

Here is a list where you can find these types of games online.

  1. Epic Games store - The Epic Games Store is a digital video game storefront for MicrosoE Windows and macOS, operated by Epic Games. Read more about Epic Games on Wikipedia
  1. GameFly - GameFly is an online video game rental subscription service that specializes in providing games for game consoles and handheld game consoles such as: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, XBOX Series X, XBOX One, Nintendo Switch and many more. Read more about GameFly on Wikipedia
  1. GOG - com is a digital distribution platform with a curated selection of games, a "you buy it, you own it" philosophy. Read more about GOG on Wikipedia
  1. Green Man Gaming - Green Man Gaming is a British-based online video game retailer, distributor and It has a multi-platform catalogue of 9,000+ games from more than 1,350 publishers, selling games in 195 countries. Read more about Green Man Gaming on Wikipedia
  1. Humble Bundle - Humble Bundle, Inc. is a digital storefront for video games, which grew out of its original offering of Humble Bundles, collections of games sold at a price determined by the purchaser and with a portion of the price going towards charity and the rest split between the game Read more about Humble bundle Wikipedia
  1. is a website for users to host, sell and download indie games. Released in March 2013 by Leaf Corcoran, the service hosts nearly 100,000 games and items as of February 2018. also allows users to host game jams, events where participants have limited time to create a game. Read more about on Wikipedia
  1. Steam - Steam is a video game digital distribution service by It was launched as a standalone soEware client in September 2003 as a way for Valve to provide automatic updates for their games, and expanded to include games from third-party publishers. Read more about Steam on Wikipedia